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Ayurveda and Panchakarma Centre

We provide treatment for Jaundice, Rheumatoid arthritis, Migraine, Sinusitis, Burns, Ear balance, Eczema, Disc bulge and prolapsed, Alopecia, Vatarekta (Gout), Stri Roga (Gynaecological problems) and many more.

Our Services include Full body massage, Full body massage with steam, Full body , Massage with Kizhy, Powder Massage, Head Massage, Shoulder Massage, Foot Massage, Podikizhy, Pizhichil, Shirodhara, Sarvnga dhara, Shirovasthy, Nasyam, Karnapooranam (Medicated oil is poured in to each ears), Nerthravasthy (Tharpanam), Vasthy and many more. You can read more about these treatments below.


The patient is made to lie on a wooden Droni (a specially designed wooden plank). Then pieces of linen dipped in comfortably warm medicated oil are squeezed over the patient’s body from a specific height. When the warm oil flows and spreads over the body, four masseurs sitting on either side give the patient a gentle massage.

This is effective in diseases connected with the Vata Dosha and its allied manifestations like Spondylosis, Hemiplegia, Arhtritis, Back pain, Muscular dystrophy etc.. This is done only on the body below the neck and the duration can be fixed from one to one and a half hours depending upon the strength of the patient.


The patient is advised to lie on a special wooden Droni with his neck and head comfortably placed. Then a non-stop continuous stream of the prescribed liquid medicine is gently poured on his forehead from a prescribed height through a specially devised apparatus called Dhara Chatti for a period of one to one and a half hours. Dhara is occasionally administered on whole body in special cases. Dhara is considered to be effective for several diseases like stress related disorders, sleeplessness and many degenerated brain disorders. Different liquid mediums are used in Dhara for different diseases. Medicated oils, milk, tender coconut water and decoctions of herb extracts are some of the fluids used.

Sarvnga Dhara

Full Body

  • Dhanyamladhara
  • Thakradhara
  • Tailadhara
  • Kashayadhara


The patient is advised to lie on a special wooden droni with his neck and head comfortably placed. Medicated oil poured in to each nostril.


The patient is advised to lie on a special wooden droni with his neck and head comfortably placed.Medicated oil is poured in to each ears.


The treatment consists of keeping the prescribed medicated oil in each eye.

Nerthra Anjanam and Kshalanam

It is a special ayurvedic cleansing treatment involving pouring of herbal extracts in a continuous stream over the eyes.


The treatment consists of keeping the prescribed medicated oil at a bearable temperature in a leather cap fitted around the head of the patient. The oil is filled in the cap up to a level of one finger above the crown of the head. The duration of treatment is between one and one and half hours. Sirovasthy is an important procedure which is found to be very effective in trigeminal neuralgia, hemicranias, optic atrophy, ostalgia, deafness, facial paralysis and in all diseases affecting cranial nerves.Generally the course of treatment is for seven days at a stretch.


Vasthy is another effective treatment followed in Ayurveda. This process involves retention of medicated oil or decoctions over the affected area of the body.

It may also be necessary to introduce medication (herbal oil and other mixtures) inside the body for purging the impurities accumulated inside the body. This procedure of pushing medicines inside the body through the rectal passage is called Vasthy in Ayurveda. Vasthy is especially effective for treatment of constipation, distention, kidney stone, sexual inadequacies, back pain, etc.

The administration of herbal oils, herbal extracts through the rectum for a period of 7-21 days. It is very effective for chronic back pain, sciatica, neurological diseases, rheumatism, persistent constipation and in infertility treatment. Vasthi is the only treatment by which the energy can be activated instantly; hence it is called the king of all treatments in Ayurveda.

  • Kashayavasthy
  • Thailavasthy
  • Matravasthy
  • Kadeevasthy
  • Prishtavasthy
  • Januvasthy


Medicated oil is first applied liberally over the patient’s body. Then the body is massaged with small linen bags filled with cooked Njavara rice. The rice is cooked by boiling it in cow’s milk along with Ayurvedic ingrediants. The linen bags filled with rice are dipped in the same mixture kept boiling over a gentle flame and applied by masseurs at a comfortable temperature over the whole body of the patient. Njavarakkizhi is a special massage, which rejuvenates the body. It is very effective in degenerative muscle diseases like poliomyelitis muscular atrophy etc. It is more effective when done immediately after Pizhichil treatment. The course of treatment can last for 14 or 21 days.


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